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Make it for you

The simple solution is to stop worrying about everyone, and instead to focus on just one or two people who you think would love this thing you’re making. And the easiest person to build it for is yourself, or someone you know well. If you or your friend likes it enough, chances are other people will too.

Hard part is the validation piece due to you wanting others to have buy in. And then co-founder of Fizzle, Caleb Wojak said this about self-validation.

Know that what you are creating is what you should be making and have that be your validation.

These two quotes really stuck.

While ignoring the past, my past ideas, or any past expectation or thoughts people (including my friends and family) had of be doing I stumbled upon something I wrote about my love for retail.

I know I love playing with Legos. I love to sketch diagrams, layouts, and structures. I love architecture. I love

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The Past

I’m sitting here on my couch. There is an empty glass of orange juice on the coffee table in front of me just to my right. To my left, a few feet away, is the only light on in my living room. It’s my Christmas tree with a gnome topper.

I’m sitting here. Just me and my Mac typing away listening to Papa Roach’s album, Getting Away with Murder. My day is coming to a close (depends on if I go to bed after I publish this as it’s 11:44 PM CST right now).

My glass is empty. My Christmas has not been taken down. And I know for a fact that my bedroom is still a mess from trying to find something very odd and random the other night (I honestly can’t remember what it was now). But, to my immediate right lies my opened Moleskine with the new logo of my design venture/blog/project/company drawn on it. That’s it.

It has a lot of great ideas and sketches in it.

 From the Moleskine






IMG_0875 copy.jpg


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I love retail

I dislike clients. I love customers, both for the reward of making someone’s day and challenge with handling their concern. I never thought I would say this but I love retail. I mean does anyone really love retail? Backing up just a little bit now.

I know I love playing with Legos. I love to sketch diagrams, layouts, and structures. I love architecture. I love interfaces. I love cities. I love very well done ads. I love a good movie. I love technology. I love information design. I love that first bite from any chip. And then I also know I love helping people around me, that matter to me, others gratification is priceless to me.

Knowing what you love is one thing. Knowing what your exactly wanting to do that pays the bills, supports you and your family, and makes you feel like you’re having fun is another thing.

Retail my calling. The impact I can make and the loyalty I can build is

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PORN: The most destructive yet satisfying act ever performed

I’ve never admitted something like this before in this way…

I’ve watched porn.

I’ve been addicted to it. I’m not proud to admit this. During, I feel satisfied. After, I feel relaxed. The next day I don’t feel myself. It’s a horrible curse, that I’ve allowed to spread onto other areas in my life. Porn is the most destructive addiction.

I’ve made many mistakes in my life just like many of us have. Almost to the point where I’ve wondered how and if things will ever get better. Sure, I’m thankful for what I’m fortunate to have: good friends, a supportive family, and a job. But, I’ve allowed myself to feel satisfied through porn. It’s bad.

And aside from all the ass and boobs I even allowed myself to be addicted to all kinds of porn. No, NOT like categories of porn. I’m talking about other addictions that feel like porn.

You see in 2008 I had a lot going on. It was my freshman year

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Deliberately constraining

Feels good to be blogging again. I honestly don’t remember the last thing I blogged about on a personal level. Well, here we go… again.

2014 started off immediately with me making a decision to pay $170 more a month for rent. I roughly make $1600 a month right now and prior to this decision I was paying $430 a month in an apartment with two of my coworkers. Do the very simple math and I elected to pay $600 now for a townhome with just one of my coworkers and greatest mentors in my life.

Subtracting the $700 with utilities a month from the total $1600 doesn’t sound too constraining, right? I mean having $900 left for any other expenses or savings isn’t too bad.

Well, I have other expenses. Duh (laughing).

I needed a new car. Went for a 2014 Mazda Mazda6 (zoom zoom) at $260 per month lease. Then I have these things called student loans that total to be another $260 per month. And

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